Backyard Fruit Tree Growing Course (7 sessions)

Registration Open!

DATES: Saturday, March 24, April 21, May 19, June 16, August 4, September 8, and October 13.

LOCATION: RITree’s Fruit Tree Demonstration Orchard, 2954 Hartford Pike, Johnston, RI 02919

DESCRIPTION: How To Grow Fruit Trees presents a safe, reliable, and fun way to grow fruit in the confines of your own backyard.  The course was developed for busy people who always wanted the thrill of harvesting home grown apples, peaches and pears but never had the time to learn how.

HTGFT uses a novel approach to solve this problem. It’s light on book-work, heavy on skill-building and big on personal instruction. Students will receive printed materials and the “Fruit Production for the Home Gardener” published by Penn State University as learning aides.

They will also receive a tool kit ( 1- Corona hand pruner with sheath, 1- Sandvik lopper) for use in training exercises. There will also be field workshops providing instruction on fruit tree selection, planting, training, pest management and animal protection.

The 2018 classes will be held at RITree’s orchard training facility at 2954 Hartford Pike in Johnston, RI on Saturday, March 24, April 21, May 19, June 16, August 4, September 8, and October 13.

Each session will be 3 hours long starting at 10:00am. The registration fee is $200 (with tools) per person or $100 (without tools) per person.

Future workshops are free with current membership.

The course will be taught by RITree’s technical director, John T Campanini, Jr and the class size will be limited to 15 persons.  

Course with Tools



Course without Tools



Call 401-764-5885 for more information or if you prefer to register by phone.